Memory Management Basics Tutorial Video

This article is a screen cast video of my tutorial for beginner iPhone programmers, it's about the basics of memory management in Objective-C. Memory management is a tough nut for the beginner to crack, particularly in Objective-C and Cocoa for iPhone. Check out my iPhone memory management reading list for more voices on memory management. The tutorial covers: Objective-C object retain counts; using retain, release, and autorelease; explains the autorelease pool in detail and how it works with the event loop; rule of thumb for if an object is in the autorelase pool.

Part 1: retain counts

Part 2: auto-release pool and the event loop

Part 3: auto-release pool and the event loop with retain

Part 4: auto-release pool wrap up

Part 5: properties, dealloc, bugs, auto-release rule of thumb

Thanks for watching!