Pitch Perfect - great guide to getting app reviews.

Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a fantastic new book that explains how app developers can up their PR game when pitching apps to bloggers and review sites. It's packed full of advice, case studies, and mistakes to avoid. Pitch Perfect is a practical and very engaging read, so much so that I today I rode the train to Balboa Park, and that ain't where I live!  Eria Sadun and Steve Sande are your teachers. They really know their stuff because as TUAW.com staffers they read tons of app pitches every day. In fact, I personally emailed Erica twice last week, making a total of at least 4 of the mistakes she points out in the book. [Cringe.]

So app developers, here's the bottom line - get it, read it, and use the advice. Or would you rather your apps stay in the 99% with 3 downloads a week?

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