Apple's TV Ad Causes Hit Tennis Sales Spike?

On Feb 17th I had a 5x sales spike in my iPhone game Hit Tennis. Cool - a little extra income, but what caused the spike? I looked at Google Analytics and over the next couple of days I Googled and Yahooed looking for a new review or something, but nothing. The only clue I had was from my daily download stats that I check using AppViz from IdeaSwarm. By filtering by country I could see that the spike was in the USA only, maybe meaning that my mystery promoter might not be a website, but some US only media. (People all over the world read web sites in English - and even in the UK, Australia and Canada sales are the same.) Here's that graph of Hit Tennis sales in the US:


Then my girlfriend noticed Apple's new iPod Touch TV ad, which I think started airing on the 16th. Towards the end it shows about 1 second of TouchSports Tennis - the tennis game with the awesome 3D graphics. No word on about sales on Handheld Games blog, but Mobclix publishes app store ranking histories, and TouchSports Tennis jumped from #197 to #69 between the 16th and 20th. (Hit Tennis' ranking didn't change.) So our guess is that  iPhone and iPod owners were driven crazy excited by the TV spot and rushed to the app store looking for Tennis games, and they came across Hit Tennis with it's fun and engaging  game play of swiping of your finger across the touch screen to swing the raquet and hit the ball. So if this is the reason for my sales spike, then Thanks Apple, thanks Handheld Games, and thanks all my customers out there!