iPhone App Store Price and Category Analysis

The iPhone app store is bursting with apps and I wanted to put some numbers to it. (I should have just looked here: http://projectx.mobclix.com/appstore/ :-). A little copy, paste, and Excel later I have a spread sheet with 5,293 apps from Oct 16th 2008 in the US app store.

  • 99c is the most popular price point with nearly 1800 apps, followed by free with just over 1200.
  • Games is the biggest category with over 1,400 apps, followed closely by Entertainment and Utilities (but its only close because so many apps use Entertainment or Utilities as their secondary category).
  • Hotspots are 99c in Entertainment, Game, and Utility, and there are lots of $1.99 and $2.99 games too.
  • 23% of apps are free.
  • Note that the majority of games are not free, and of course many of the free games are lite editions of non-free games.
  • Travel, Reference, and Education are where you will find most of the apps at $10 and over.

Note: I first publish inaccurate numbers because I made the mistake of not counting apps that didn't use a secondary category, which is 1557 apps - mostly games.