Big Emoji New Release With Several Marketing Tests.

We finally updated Super Txt to iOS7, and we also renamed it 'Big Emoji'. Big Emoji is our 2 year old back burner app which makes a little money, but we kinda love the app so are unwilling to kill it despite almost never working on it. A year ago we had big plans for it and spent a bunch of iStockphoto credits that we'd use for new art packs. Never happened, but iStockphoto credits expire. Quick, spend 'em before they expire! Oh, and in iOS7 you can now paste a graphic directly into iMessage... which is at the heart of what Big Emoji is. And... we never really liked the name 'Super Txt'. 'Big Emoji' was the original name, but Apple didn't like it. Two years on and there are still a ton of (shitty) emoji apps around, so we figured it was time to give Apple a 2nd chance to approve the original name. So here we are, version 1.7 of Big Emoji, with:

  • iOS 7 build. (Not an iOS7 redesign mind you, just getting it to work!)
  • Shared directly to iMessages, and now also Facebook, Twitter, Weibo.
  • New art packs: Religion, Travel, Food, Home.
  • Can now buy all the art packs at once with a new bundle IAP. Its $5.99, which is a 30% saving over buying them one by one.
  • We threw out the invite your friends to win free emojis feature, because we never really built a proper version of it. Now its a retention mechanism - after a few days you get a local notification saying you have more free spins.

So while this started out just as a quick maintenance release and not wanting to waste our iStock credits, its a nice little experiment of a bunch of marketing tactics:

  • Name change effects ASO, will it rank higher, get more downloads?
  • Name change is better positioned for what the app actually is, will this result in more happy customers?
  • Name change is keyword stuffed with Facebook and Twitter now too!
  • Added 4 new art packs, which include stuff people have been asking for. Increase in $ per paying user? Increase in conversion?
  • The bundle saves people money, but it means someone can choose that their first purchase is $5.99 instead of 99c. Should increase $ per paying user.
  • Will people use it more now they don't have to manually paste the graphic in to iMessage? Will people start posting Big Emojis to Facebook & Twitter? (not really expecting that they will).
  • Getting the notification every few days that you have free spins to win emojis... that is supposed to increase retention. Will it? Will it affect conversion?
  • If we increase retention, will that improve our rank?
  • We also fixed the asking for a review link, which changed in iOS7. Will that get us more reviews and hence increase our rank?