iPhone Conference 360 iDev San Jose April 2010

n115911253310_1478Are you going to 360 iDev San Jose 2010 in April? Its by far the best iPhone developers conference I know of... and I'm speaking at it this year. I'll be introducing people to customer development and telling the story of our app Friend Focus for Facebook. This year there's 40 sessions, 3 panels, almost 40 speakers, 5 different Hands-On training sessions, all included for the price of $599 which IMHO is crazy good value. I attended in 2009 and it blew my mind. Here's some of what I got out of the 2009 conference:

  • Learned lots of inside knowledge about Apple that you can only learn from experience with them, including guidance on the mysteries of the approval process that easily saved me several thousand dollars in wasted development time on my own apps and helped strengthen my consulting practice.
  • Got the inside scoop on mobile advertising, what works, what doesn't.
  • Met and made friends with a bunch of expert developers and iPhone business entrepreneurs including several chart topping studios and major iPhone app review sites - extending my network of experts to ask for help, advice, and press contacts.
  • Introduced to several companies I'm now doing business with.
  • Shared sales numbers with other developers and got a bunch of marketing tips.
  • Got helpful advice on negotiating a licensing deal I was putting together for one of my apps.
  • Learned techniques for memory optimization; SQLite; advanced debugging using notifications; core animation;
  • Had a ton of fun!

12660_181780978310_115911253310_2937860_2878172_nThe intimate size of the conference is very conducive to making friends and sharing insider knowledge that's really hard to find elsewhere. Indie developers will be there in numbers, both successful and struggling, and there will be a good mix of major studios and iPhone companies represented too. You'll be able to both vent your frustrations with peers and grill an Admob Google executive about eCPMs. Really, its tremendous value and great fun. Go and register now.