360 iDev iPhone conference, days 2&3

360 iDev is over. Wow. Totally awesome conference. There were about 170 of us there (?) and we had 47 session over 3+1 days. I missed several sessions I wanted to see because of overlap or just brain melt. But that's the kind of problem you want to have right - too much of a good thing. I registered at $350, and I live in San Francisco so I just had to add to that a couple of tanks of gas and a few hours of lost sleep for getting up at 6:30am. So $350 for 3 days of education and networking that there is no other way to get in an exploding new market. Maybe in a year I'll be able to estimate the value I got out of this, but its got to be 4 or 5 figures of $value. How can this be? Here are some of the things I got:

  • Hard core marketing advice on promoting my existing apps, new ways to moneytize, and how to choose and design future apps
  • Learned the latest market trends from Pinch Media, Flurry, Admob, Medialets, etc, and got 1-1 help using their services from their founders & top people.
  • Was taught a game-plan how to build a productive working relationship with the mothership, and gleened quite a bit of inside info.
  • Learned about many open source libs I can use in my and client's apps
  • Got offered awesome free new iphone feature by AT&T Interactive to roll into my apps (in a few months I hope)
  • Met several developers of hit apps we've all heard of.
  • Over the three days I made significant progress / improvements with my own business plans and got specific advice on some deals I'm working on.
  • Free legal advice from an expensive firm
  • ...

And did I mention it was fun? Hope others got something good out of me in return... got to speak at the next one. Many thanks to Tom and John at 360 Conferences for organizing. One suggestion for you guys: get an air horn and sound it when the food arrives. That lunch went pretty quickly.