360 iDev iPhone Conference day 1

Years of hard work with the US immigration system has me living and working in San Francisco just north of Silicon Valley, and I make sure to get to all the awesome iPhone developer events here: iPhone Dev Camp, Silicon Valley Developer's Meetup, and now 360 iDev iPhone Conference which is on right now. Day 1 was great, here are some of the people I spoke with or presentations I caught: Scott  Michaels from Atimi Software gave a fantastic presentation on app marketing discussing PR, managing your relationship with Apple and bloggers, how to make a lite version work, the state of in app commerce and other revenue oportunities....

Owen Goss presented the story of developing his new game Dapple. Owen has tons of experience in the game industry and explained how he applied his background to his indy iPhone title. His compelling message is focus on pre-production (which to the non entertainment industry folks among us means design). Dapple is a color matching game where you get to make matches by using a paint brush to mix paints and change colors. Paint spreads, and color matches don't have to be all in a line, so gameplay is a bit different from other color matching games. Its a very polished fun title, check it out.

Noel Llopis showed me Flower Garden, a lovely 3D flower growing toy / sim that's shaping up to be pretty special.

Keith Shephard game me a demo of Little Red Sled, a sled racing game with a winning combo of cute cartoon graphics, fast and smooth 3D animation, snappy accelerometer controls, and lighthearted audio design. The whole thing comes together to make a fun game with a delightful kid esthetic.

Michael Huntington presented on the Unity Game Engine, and he the audience was very open talking about experiences with Unity, OpenGL, Maya and Blender. Unity looks attractive and there are a couple of dozen title iPhone titles out on it now.

Finally, Mike Lee gave us the Keynote, in which he 'toured us around the Cocoa developer community'. Good stuff Mike.