20 Million Downloads

Focused Apps passed a big milestone yesterday - company wide we have over 20 million downloads of our apps! Here's how we got here:

  • Rob made a couple of apps each back in 2008 that we have since retired. Then met at the Silicon Valley iPhone Developers Meetup thanks to Tim Burks.
  • We teamed up to start the Hunter and Johnson partnership at the start of 2009, which we've since morphed into Focused Apps LLC. Our goal was always to split our time between consulting and making our own apps. In 2009 and 2010 we shipped 5 apps for clients, and we wound down consulting in 2011. Thanks especially to Jason and Anu for hiring us and being awesome clients.
  • Sept 2009: published our companies first app, Focus for Facebook. It now has 750,000 downloads and found a niche with visually impaired users due to its clean presentation of the Facebook feed and support for voice-over. We released another app, Duck You Undo, that we've retired.
  • April 2010: we shipped our breakout game, Hit Tennis 2, and went freemium as soon as free apps were allowed IAPs. Its now at 14.1 million downloads. Its gone through 15 revisions, and is still popular on iPhone and iPad.
  • Dec 2010: shipped Santas 'lil Zombies, which was our 'lets learn Unity' project, it has only 6000 downloads. We're now updating the gameplay and will be re-releasing it in a few weeks.
  • Jan 2012: built 2 (more?) new prototype games, but we didn't bring them to market. One of these led us to the design of the controls for Hit Tennis 3.
  • Feb 2012: shipped Super Txt, which is now at 181,000 downloads. This has been our lower priority project this year, but its KPIs are good, so we'll be investing in new features and marketing next year. We are lucky to have found a couple of awesome artists who work with on this.
  • June 2012: shipped Hit Tennis 3, our sequel to Hit Tennis 2. Its now at over 5 million downloads! Many thanks to our indie colleagues who work with us on cross promotion ad campaigns. HT3 has had 6 updates, and we've recently brought it to iPad and Kindle Fire devices. Expect to see wide Android support next year. HT3 would not be possible without our wonderful 3D artist and character illustrator.

Its been a very fun few years, we're profitable, we'll continue to grow next year. Thank you Rob Hunter, you are an awesome business partner and friend.